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Anupama Written Update Today: 12th May`24

Anupama Written Update

Ritual Dilemma

Baa explains the beginning of a ritual involving washing the son-in-law’s feet. Vanraj hesitates, leading Baa to remind him of its importance. Titu intervenes, stating his discomfort with disrespecting elders and offering to perform the ritual instead. A playful moment ensues, leading to the aarti plate falling.

Positive Vibes

Despite the mishap, Anupama encourages positivity, reminding the children to avoid inauspicious actions. They apologize and continue the ritual with enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Shruti seeks information from the nurse, pondering her absence from Dimpy’s wedding.

Celebratory News

After the ritual, Dimpy inquires about good news, prompting a surprising revelation about Anupama’s new role as co-owner of a restaurant. The family celebrates with joy and plans for future festivities.

Family Dynamics and Puja

Toshu and Kinjal conduct the puja, engaging in family discussions. Shruti’s hesitation during the ceremony leads to encouragement from Anupama, who highlights the significance of the occasion. Anuj shares his reasons for not buying gold, emphasizing practicality.

Bonding Over Meals

Titu invites Ansh to dine with them, fostering familial bonds. Despite tensions, the family shares a meal, expressing gratitude for their son-in-law. Anupama involves Aadhya in the ceremony, while Shruti discusses future plans with Anuj, showcasing the importance of family celebrations.

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