Camping World Myrtle Beach – 800 Consumer Complaints in Three Years

If you’re in Myrtle Beach, you’ve probably heard about Camping World. They sell everything you need to enjoy your outdoor adventures. They even offer RV repair services. But what makes them different? What’s the real story behind these complaints? How many people have gotten a bad experience there? Here’s a look at the complaints filed against the company. It might surprise you to find out that more than 800 complaints were filed against this particular rental company.

800 complaints against Myrtle Beach camping world

The Camping World in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has received more than 800 complaints in the last three years, with many describing false repairs and long waits for repair services. But what exactly is the problem? What can consumers do to stop this trend? The following is a summary of some of the most common complaints. The company’s regional market manager, Tommy Traylor, said he does not blame consumers for their frustration.

Quality inspections don’t guarantee a camper won’t have problems

RVs are not exempt from problems. Even new ones can have a problem or two. Though manufacturers and dealerships perform a pre-delivery inspection, you should still do your own check before buying. Check all the major systems and test the outlets, bells, and whistles. Also, check the paint. A good quality inspection will find problems that might be hidden or unnoticed.

Lack of technicians in the industry

A lack of technicians at Camping World Myrtle Beach is not uncommon. The company services approximately 150 units per month, but its technicians have recently cut back on their work force. A lack of seven technicians means that the company has to work through Forest River. A technician named Laino took a unit seven weeks ago and completed the repair two weeks later, but he ran into a problem getting parts from Thor.

Cost of repairs

Consumers have complained about a number of problems with their Camping World camper, including extensive water leaks, electrical malfunctions, and long wait times for repairs. In the last three years alone, 14 complaints have been filed with the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). Most complain about insufficient repair time and defective products. Tommy Traylor, regional market manager of Camping World Myrtle Beach, said that the company strives to minimize customer pain by doing a thorough run-through of the unit upon purchase.

Tim Dunkin bought a new RV from Camping World of Myrtle Beach in May with the intention of heading west. However, that trip never took place. Five months later, Tim Dunkin’s RV is still in the shop. He says that he had several issues with his new RV immediately after purchase. First, the water tank was defective. Second, the toilet was not working. And third, the engine light was constantly on, indicating that something was wrong with his motorhome.

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