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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update Today: 14th May`24

Ghum Hai Written Update: Harinee, Savi's Reunion

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update: Harini Awakens, Savi’s Dilemma

Harini asked the doctor if he had informed Ishaan and Savi that she was out of her coma. Surely they must be on their way, the doctor replied. Soon, Savi and Ishaan rushed toward Harini’s room, bumping into each other and getting lost in each other’s eyes.

Seeing this, Harini’s face beamed with happiness. Savi then snapped out of it and emotionally hugged her sister, relieved that her prayers had been answered and her tai (elder sister) was back.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update

(ghum hai written update) Harini asked Savi to calm down, pinching her to show she was truly okay now. Ishaan checked on how Harini was doing, and she thanked him profusely, calling him their savior for always supporting Savi, even marrying her to keep his promise.

However, Ishaan recalled the painful memories of Savi slapping him, calling him a murderer of her family, and walking out on him after he gave her divorce papers. Watching them through the door, Reeva looked disheartened.

Harini asked Savi about her married life with Ishaan, wondering if Surekha (Ishaan’s mom) had been angry initially. Savi remembered Surekha ordering her to leave and Yashwant (Ishaan’s dad) stopping her.

(ghum hai written update) Harini inquired if Savi had done all the post-wedding rituals and if there was a reception, oblivious to the drama that had unfolded. She asked if Ishaan tutored her and if her final exams were done, causing Savi to tear up recalling her humiliation and expulsion.

The doctor urged Ishaan to not stress Harini. Alone, Savi realized she needed to tell Harini everything – including her pending divorce from Ishaan – but worried where they would even live now.

At the Bhosale house, Reeva returned shattered to inform them of Harini’s recovery, as the family worried what new troubles this might bring for Ishaan and Reeva’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Savi asked her friend Shukla to find them a rented room, as she couldn’t have Harini stay at the tea stall. Ishaan insisted Savi not tell Harini the truth yet, to avoid sending her back into a coma. But Savi argued lying never lasts and accused Ishaan of hiding his guilt.

When Yashwant called asking for Ishaan to return for his engagement with Reeva, Savi realized Ishaan was eager to move on at any cost. Reeva cried to Shikha about having to sacrifice her love again, while Savi’s inner voice told her she didn’t need to sign the divorce papers since she still loved Ishaan – though she denied it out loud.

As Harini awoke asking what was wrong, Savi struggled with what to say about her marital status. The family wondered if Savi had revealed the truth to Harini about her pending divorce, urging Ishaan to decide between Savi and Reeva once and for all.

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