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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Written Update Today: 13th May`24 (A Tough Choice for Abhira and Armaan)

Family Rituals and Celebrations: A Heartwarming Tale

Abhira and Armaan knew their decision to divorce should be mutual, not forced by their families.

The episode began with Armaan refusing to lie in court just to get rid of Abhira quickly. He was willing to wait three months to separate, allowing Abhira to finish her studies too.

However, Dadi begged Abhira to forget the past and think of all Armaan had done for her. Couldn’t she give false testimony for his sake? Dadi laughed about bringing up Abhira’s mom, despite promising not to insult her.

Dadi then said Abhira was being held back from her dream of becoming a top lawyer by the family drama. Kaveri revealed she had checks ready for Abhira to live lavishly if she agreed to lie on the witness stand.

Meanwhile, Krish gave Sanjay money, claiming it was for a broken phone, though Sanjay warned the cash wouldn’t last. Krish then got a worrying call about paying some fees soon.

That night, Ruhi made custard for everyone. Vidya wondered why Ruhi wasn’t pursuing a career like Abhira instead of staying home. Ruhi explained how she’d missed her own hard-working doctor mother growing up, so she chose to dedicate herself fully to family.

Vidya hugged her reassuringly, vowing never to let Ruhi leave. Ruhi said she’d rejoin Manish’s business once Armaan and Abhira’s issues were resolved.

Krish then angrily left when his aunt Kajal reminded him Dadi had forbidden financial help if he chose any path besides law.

Abhira realized Armaan was right – the divorce decision belonged to just them. When he found her, she fell into his arms, saying she’d been about to discuss it too. But then Madhav fell, and they rushed to check on him.

They found Vidya caring for Madhav, who insisted he was fine being alone despite Vidya’s help. Kaveri said he shouldn’t take the stairs that night.

In the kitchen, Abhira thought about how Ruhi had shut her out earlier. Armaan joined her, and she asked for water so she could see the custard bowls – but none for her. She claimed not to be hungry.

Armaan reminded her that Sanjay had pushed him to lie in court, but he refused, as he wouldn’t mock their marriage before the world. Abhira argued their marriage was fake.

But Armaan insisted it was their relationship to decide when to divorce, not something they’d buckle under pressure over. Abhira then spotted Dadi watching them.

Later, crying, Abhira looked at Akshara’s photo and diary, recalling the harsh words of Ruhi, Dadi and the others as tears streamed down her face. As the episode ended, Abhira opened her eyes, her anguished decision still weighing heavily.

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